Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trousseau Tuesday: Wedding Shoes!

Recently, a family friend said she wanted to buy my wedding shoes since she knows how important they are (pretty much on the level of the dress). I have been perusing the shoe departments ever since and have not found anything, though! I want something delicate and fun! But it seems the designers are showing no love to skinny legs - everything is clunky! Hopefully I will find something that I love. Suggestions are welcome!

These Christian Louboutins just aren't working for me. They are super sparkly, but.. meh. I feel like I can do better for that amount of money.

These shoes are a lot of and black would fit in my December 1 wedding, but I still don't love it. They kind of remind me of witch shoes, and while I generally embrace my witch like qualities I need a different look for my wedding day.

Now these shoes are fun! I could definitely do my something blue with one of these pairs. However, Mother does not love the idea so I shall keep searching!