Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Munchie Monday (1 day later): Bliss Bites

Sorry for the delay on our munchie Monday!  Briana and I have been crazy busy.  I don't want our readers to think we are neglecting them, so I'm sharing the EASIEST, no bake dessert recipe that you can take to any event (or eat snuggled up on your couch...I won't tell).  Ladies (and gentleman), I bring you Bliss Bites (you may thank me later!):

Bliss Bites
(aka sweet little tastes of heaven)

1 bag of Oreos (I love Double Stuf!  Oh, and please don't bore me with the reduced fat kind.  Oreos are bad for you regardless...you might as well own it!)
1 block of cream cheese (softened to room temperature)
1 bag of either chocolate chips or that melting chocolate (for variation try Mint flavored chocolate)

That's it!  Three ingredients! WAHOO!  You can probably find at least one of these items on sale at the grocery store too.


Take Oreos and smash them up in a big bowl with (CLEAN) hands.  Dump block of goodness, er, I mean, cream cheese into bowl and mix with Oreos. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and form small balls of Oreo/cream cheese and place on cookie sheet.  Now, you can go two routes depending on (1) how much time you have and (2) how egregious you want this dessert to be. 

Prepare a double boiler, heat in microwave, or stir chocolate in pot - however, you like to melt your chocolate without burning it.  If you are watching your calories (stop making this recipe, in fact, don't even bother buying the ingredients) or you don't have very much time, drizzle the melted chocolate over the bliss bites and stick in the refrigerator. 

If you have the time, refrigerate the bliss bites before preparing the melted chocolate for about 30 minutes.  Then dunk, dump, or drop the melted chocolate over the bliss bites and refrigerate.

This recipe makes...a bunch...depending on the size of your bliss bites. If you keep them to about meatball size,  then you should be able to make at least 48 bliss bites!

Totally easy (and inexpensive), right?  If my office is any indicator, these will be gone in minutes.  I recommend eating two at a time and with milk!