Friday, October 14, 2011

DIY Holiday Wreath

My sister Rebekah is so crafty! She made this wreath and wrote up how she did it. 

Wreaths seem to be quite popular for home decor.  While you could go out and spend a fortune on a pre-made wreath, I have been using Pinterest to find some cute, unique, and made-by-me wreaths.  This Halloween wreath would be adaptable to any season or decor.  I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath in 2 inch wide ribbon and glued it with tacky glue.  (Do not use hot glue on Styrofoam.)  It took two rolls of the ribbon to wrap my wreath.  Always buy more than you need and return it.That way you can finish the project while you are on a roll (no pun intended). I used some straight pins to keep the ribbon in place while the glue dried.  It does take a few hours to get a good stick, so do this step first and let it dry while you are cutting the ribbon for the next step.
You will need to selected 10-12 rolls on narrower ribbon. The more variety, the cuter the wreath. I used 7 different patterns and textures.  Make sure it has some with a good contrast like light and dark or cute patterns like plaid and dots.  Halloween ribbon was on sale the week I purchased all of this so it made the entire wreath very affordable!   I did use sheer but be careful with hot glue and sheer ribbon- it does seep through to your fingers!   Cut them into 4 inch strips, make a loop, and use a little hot glue to keep it together.  I also saw someone that did all of this with straight pins, but that does not sound so sturdy to me.  You can also create a twist in your loop to give it a different look.  

The final gluing was to adhere it to the ribbon on the wreath form.  I glued about 1/2 inch  of each loop to the wreath.  Then I bent the top side of the ribbon about 1/4 of an inch and glued it down to make the ribbon so it stood up and did not droop.  You may have to play with this idea to get the look you want.  I started on the inside circle of the wreath and then layered it out.  I used three rounds of ribbon.  I also used straight lines around the wreath.  You could make it a random pattern too.  Also, do not be concerned about the placement of the colors.  I started thinking about what color went where, but it the end, it all blends nicely.  It is okay to have the same color close to the other.  Do not think too hard about this step!  Just glue the ribbon on the wreath and it will turn out beautiful.

{On a side note, I almost stopped half way through thinking it did not look good- but I kept on gluing and it turned out great! Always wait until the project is finished before you critique it!}  

As a final touch, I made a little bow for the top.  I used some of the leftover ribbon from wrapping the wreath and a piece of one of the coordinating ribbons.  You may want to position this and however you are going to hang it first with some pins or go ahead and glue it and work around it.  That way you will not forget to leave space.

Finally, think outside Halloween.  These could be cute for any holiday, a wedding, baby's room, little girl's room, or any living space.  It would all depend on your color choices  You can add embellishments like large letters, sequins, or any other bling.  Which just reminded me, I have to go and paint my Happy Halloween center and add it!  

Happy Creating!

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