Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hello From Ohio!

J and I have been having a great time in Ohio. I have done a ton of thrift store and second hand Christmas shopping, and a bit of crafting as well (check out Posh Purpose on Twitter for a sneak peek). We also visited the local apple orchard for freshly made apple cider and apple donuts - my fave! The leaves have been beautiful, and Ohio even threw in a bit of snow for us - not my fave! We fly back to warm, sunny Florida tomorrow. Even though I am looking forward to defrosting and retiring my boots and socks for a few more months, I have had a great time visiting with J's family and experiencing a bit of fall and early winter. I am certainly not a photographer, but I hope you still enjoy my iphone pictures!

View as we were landing in Cleveland
J didn't quite fit in our extremely claustrophobic
plane we took from Cleveland to Columbus
Hydrangea leaves turn colors for fall too - I never knew!