Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I really enjoyed reading Emily Henderson's post where she trolls craigslist in various cities and writes about some of the cool things she finds, and was inspired to do something similar. You already know my love for thrift store furniture (here and here). I often find things that are (or have the potential to be) awesome, but are just not right for me. My sisters and mom always talk about opening a shop where we sell our updated thrift store finds, but until that happens I will use Posh Purpose as my outlet.

This past weekend, my town had a Craft Festival downtown which is also where Habitat is located. Of course, I had to pop in. I bought a few Christmas gifts, to be revealed after they are opened, but here are a few things that also caught my eye.

Side table for $35, but I would probably offer $25 first. It is in pretty good shape, but does need to be refinished. The shape of the legs is just so cool. The only unfortunate part is that those four drawers are actually just one giant drawer. It lost a bit of coolness for me when I opened it up. However, the drawer is dovetailed - something you should always look for when thrifting furniture.

Awesome valet chair for $15. It looks handmade and could definitely use some work. The material on the back is in great condition, though, if not a bit dingy - nothing a bit of paint can't fix. I wanted to buy it so badly, but J was hovering over me. The back has a single rack to hang things, and it is probably the only bad part about the chair. However, I would just wrap it in a bit of suede ribbon and call it a day. Let me reiterate: I really really want to buy this valet chair.

Here is an interesting piece of artwork for $10 but I bet they would take $5. I would not use it for my own personal style, but I could definitely see it working in a nautical themed kids bathroom or playroom. The shimmery sails make it less masculine and you could definitely build out a frame for the wood base to add a bit more character and ground the whole look. I would put J to work building the frame with some molding stained darker to match the boat. He would be so thrilled :)