Thursday, November 7, 2013

Little Upgrades: New Entryway

Mr. 3 and I moved from a one bedroom apartment with parquet floor throughout to a completely carpeted two bedroom apartment. Which we also meant we went from wandering around in whatever shoes we pleased to checking them at the door.  After stumbling around holding onto the wall for balance while trying to put our shoes on, we decided to get a bench. We needed something that was narrow enough to fit in the hallway with enough room to spare to walk, long enough for the two of us to sit on at the same time (uh hello, not waiting my turn to put on shoes while trying to get to work), and the price needed to be right.  I didn't want to spend tons of money on something that won't be in a future forever home.  In case you are wondering what a forever bench for a forever home looks like and costs (at least in my head), here are some examples:
One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

Sorensen Leather Bench
Restoration Hardware

Tufted Bench
Restoration Hardware
Obviously, these examples might fit 2 of the 3 things I was looking for, but they clearly missed the boat on the cost factor.  After much searching at two Habitat for Humanity stores, perusing on the internet, and checking at TJ Maxx and Marshall's I finally found one that will work....good enough.  But first! The dramatic before:

And now the after!  I hung two mirrors above the bench and added a huge pumpkin as a nod to the fall season.

Cynthia Rowley Bench

Fabric Close Up
Mr. 3 and I can both sit on it at the same time and it doesn't block our hallway too much.  The fabric goes well with the other colors we have in the apartment and it's definitely much more welcoming.  However, the best part was the price.  I found it at Home Goods for $80!!!!  This was by far one of the better prices I found during my search.  Habitat had no selection and the other discount stores weren't much better.  Home Goods had a much bigger selection ranging from $40 for a very simple, plain white wooden bench to a flaming red velvet upholstered number for $300.  Storage benches were probably $100-$130 and anything that looked more like my forever benches was probably $200-$500.  I had capped myself at the $150 mark, but I decided I would be just as satisfied with this $80 bench as some of the other more expensive.  I don't think this piece of furniture will be with us for the long haul, but if I get 2-3 years use out of it, I will be really happy!

Entryway Upgrade Costs:
Bench: $80
Mirrors: $0 (Wedding gift from my mother-in-law, shout out to Mr. 3's Mom!)
Pumpkin: $10 (Which we got in September and should last us through Thanksgiving according to the farmer that sold it to us.)
TOTAL: $90

I may try to stick something seasonal in the pumpkin spot as holidays come and go.  Perhaps a poinsettia in December?

What do you think?  It's got to be better than the far less welcoming blah photo above!