Monday, November 11, 2013

Patio Progress: Pink Rug!

As a part of our mini-marathon-series on all things concerning my patio, I'm super excited to bring you my pink outdoor rug!
Fab Rugs World Venice Rug
$48 for a 4 x 6
Image Source:

I'll be honest with you guys.  I thought I was going to have to give up on the pink idea.  After trolling the internet for pink outdoor goods, I've decided I need to start a business catering to all that is pink and outdoor.  There was a serious lack of ready made options for anything pink.  Unless, of course, you have vast quantities of disposable income for custom made Sunbrella cushions.  Outdoor rugs were another issue...there were many ugly options and many expensive options.  I finally found this rug by doing a google search for "pink outdoor rugs" and using the "shop on google" feature.  This rug was available on many websites, but I bought mine from Wayfair because they had $4.99 FedEx shipping and Ebates was offering cash back.  My rug was delivered really quickly.  I also got $1.44 in Wayfair rewards for use towards a future purchase and they also followed up with a $10 coupon (the coupon was only good for a week so I didn't get a chance to use it).  This was my first time buying from them and I was pretty impressed!

Here's how it looks outside:

I like that the rug is made from recycled plastic which will make it easy to care for (instructions say to hose it down).  It also does the job in covering up a good bit of the stained concrete.  I also looooove the black trim which helps tie it into the overall look.  If I'd been willing to spend a bit more moo-lah, I probably would have gotten the next size up, but at $85 that was a bit much for me.

Total Cost for Pink Rug: about $53

What do you think?  Fun and welcoming right?

Wayfair did not pay me to write this article or give me anything not already discussed in this article.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine! Read our intro to Ebates article for more info on how you can save money by shopping online.