Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Melinda and I love tablescapes. During the wedding planning phase of our lives, we poured over tons and tons of tablescapes looking for inspiration. Since Thanksgiving is upon us, we decided to go back to old habits and share a few of our favorite tables for the holiday.

Source: Liz Marie Blog

I love how fresh this table feels! I also love the imperfection of all the natural pieces. The color scheme is unexpected for Thanksgiving, yet still looks like Thanksgiving due to the beautiful gourds. I wish I could get my hands on those gourds! Sadly, Florida usually sticks to the orange and yellow ones.

Source: Justina Blakenly

That china is gorgeous! And I love the flowers tucked into the napkins. Speaking of flowers, these arrangements are lovely and simple. And since they are smaller, they can easily be shifted around to accommodate the serving dishes full of delicious Thanksgiving food.

Source: Dimples and Tangles blog

I love feathers. And gold china. The shutters were a clever idea to add both color and texture to the table. And the gold branches? Perfect with the feathers. Did I mention I love feathers?

Source: Design Sponge

Does anybody know where can I get that flatware? I bet it is not dishwasher safe, and J is already onto me about owning two full sets of handwash only flatware (and no dishwasher safe sets). I love the gold and cream pieces in the upper left corner. And the combo of plum, green, and navy? That's a variation on my dining color scheme! The foliage stretched across the plates shouts Thanksgiving, but in a pleasant and melodic voice. Love it!

In my dreams, I own a different set of china for every holiday. And I have a handwashing fairy who cleans all my non dishwasher safe pieces before J can even think about grumbling. The fairy also irons.