Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Antiques

Even though our closing date was shifted back by a month, I have been making progress on my bathroom renovation. I've either chosen or narrowed down options for a lot of the big stuff with the help of my mom and sister. We are still working on the lighting situation (no lighting luck on the antique shopping trip) and I am waiting until we officially own the house before purchasing anything new. As I explained before, there is nothing original left in the bathroom and I don't want to overwhelm the space with brand new everything. So I have picked up a handful of antiques/old stuff that will probably be used in the bathroom.

My bathroom has a giant window that needs to be replaced. I wanted to do something interesting, but a custom made stained glass window costs was more than I wanted to spend. My sister and I found three of these windows at the Barn. The current plan is to have a normal window installed in the bathroom and hang these stained glass windows in front for more privacy and also because they are pretty. By the way, the Barn has a room full of stained glass windows at great prices in case anyone else is looking. But you must set your windows up by the checkout desk quickly. We saw one man purchase at least 10 windows and a woman purchase 6! And make sure you search for matching sets. None of my windows were next to each other so it took a bit of digging to locate all of them.

The bathroom is actually quite large but has no storage, so mom thought I should find a piece of furniture to use rather than reformatting a neighboring closet into a linen closet. I had assumed that the search for bathroom furniture would take a lot longer than it did. J and I found this cool kitchen unit at Habitat on Saturday and I got an awesome deal! I paid $100 and it is in great shape. The missing drawer is actually only missing for this picture. J was examining it because it was originally for storing flour. I did a bit of research to discover that this is probably a hoosier cabinet, but I forgot to search for markings before dropping it off to store with the rest of my thrifting purchases. Overall, the metal body needs sanding (thanks J!) and painting, but I won't be doing anything to the enamel counter.

Of course, we won't know for sure if these things will work in the bathroom until we get in there and start trying things out. However, I will definitely find another home for the windows and I already have a back up plan for the cabinet. I think it would be perfect in a laundry room, which we will eventually be building. Don't worry - there is a laundry area in the house, but I disagree with the former owners' idea to put it in the middle of the other bathroom.

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