Friday, February 6, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Tech & Google

I recently made an amazing discovery for all of us Google Chrome users.  You can apply a Lilly Pulitzer theme to your Google search engine!  Gasp!  Now my researching/stalking can all start with a heavy dose of pink and green!  Here's how you can make your Googling a bit more fun:

1.  Go to
2.  Click on the three red lines in the upper right hand corner (see arrow below)

3. From the drop down, click on settings
4. Under appearance, click on "get themes"
5. A new web page will open up giving you a search option to look through the Chrome Web Store
6. In the Chrome Web Store search bar, type "lilly"
7. Select the first Lilly Pulitzer theme and click on "free"
8. You should see the tabs across the top change to green background, but you will need to close and open the tab and go to the Google homepage again for the changes to apply.
9. Prepare yourself for this level of super fun awesome Googling!

Briana and I have both been able to use these instructions to install on Windows and Apple Products.  Having a fun (and FREE!) background is awesome!  I suggest you add it before you leave work today, so you have something bright and cheerful to look at Monday morning!  This isn't a download, so you shouldn't have to worry about pesky security firewalls at work.  Have a great weekend anyone!