Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Console Sinks

A quick update on my house before I get into comparison sink shopping: we were supposed to close last Thursday, but the bank and title company still have some paperwork to finish. The delay is entirely ridiculous, considering our offer was accepted Christmas Eve, but I am hopeful that we will officially own the house this week.

Since we have have been waiting weeks to get started on my 1930s house, I have had plenty of time to start shopping around for my bathroom project. One of my first projects is to renovate the main bathroom of the house. I have already purchased stained glass and an old metal cabinet, but am holding off on other purchases until I officially own the house. Here are a three sinks (and three price ranges) that I have considered, in order of when I discovered them.

Fitzgerald by DXV
I first saw this sink when I was in St. Petersburg with my mom. We went into Ferguson to see what higher end options are available. I liked the sink, especially when the sales lady said I could order it in a wider size. We have about eight feet of wall space to work with for the sink, storage, and toilet. I want to occupy a bit more of the horizontal space so that the bathroom doesn't look barren.

Good news is that Ferguson can deliver most products in about one week. The bad news is that this sink is 28 inches wide and it turns out that we can't actually get it wider. For those who are interested, the DXV website says the list price is $1260, but Ferguson had a lower price in their show room. I believe it was around $1000.

Gramercy by Restoration Hardware
I began a google and pin marathon for console sinks after getting home from our shopping trip. I came across this beautiful sink which is 36 inches wide. It is a bit more contemporary and less traditional than the DXV sink. It is also quite a bit more expensive at $2395. I didn't love the price, and I especially didn't love the longer lead time. Restoration Hardware doesn't guarantee quick shipping! Also, I didn't want to worry about the marble top being etched by toothpaste or cleaning chemicals.

One more note about Restoration Hardware in general. Don't buy anything full price! You can usually catch a sale for various departments and get 10-40% off or wait until Friends and Family for 20% off everything.

Luciana by Signature Hardware
I came across Signature Hardware by searching for console sinks similar to Restoration Hardware. All of the console sinks I liked would be delivered about a week after placing the order, putting it in the same time frame as purchasing from Ferguson. Most of those sinks are also priced at $700, including the one above. This one happens to be the overall front runner, although there is a more angular sink from Signature Hardware that I might prefer. I like that this sink has more surface area for storing soap and tooth brushes; it is 30 inches wide and the vertical pieces will keep our stuff from falling off the side.

Keep in mind that for most console sinks, you have to purchase the faucet and plumbing separately. And since your plumbing will be exposed under the sink, you can't just get the normal cheap stuff (sorry J).

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