Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Richmond Craigslist Purchase

As I lurked around the internet, stalking all things craigslist, I found these beautiful things:

Gorgeous, no?  I love the shape and this is probably the first time I haven't hated beige fabric.  The seller wanted $200 for 4 chairs.  I wanted to pay no more than $40 each.  I took Mr. 3 with me, because...hello?  stranger danger!  Don't ever craigslist alone!

The seller lived in a gorgeous row house in the Fan part of Richmond.  I had to refrain from asking if some of his other furniture was for sale as well!

The chairs were pretty, but had a fair amount of staining/water spots.  There wasn't any horribly dark staining, but there was a few red marks (probably from markers based on the rugrats I saw walking around) and stray pen marks.   The seller told me that the other stains were dog slobber....charming.  After a thorough inspection, I found the chairs to be comfortable and firm enough.  The springs were fine and the webbing on the bottom was still intact.  The wood bits had a bit of scuffing, but no major issues.

He wanted them to go to a "good home" and get a few dollars for them.   I talked the guy down to $25 each! I plan on trying to clean them up (future post to come!).  If they clean up pretty well, I will use them, as is, for kitchen chairs.  If they don't, I will look into having them reupholstered sometime next year...either keeping them as kitchen chairs and using the same fabric orrrrr recovering them in different fabrics and stashing them in different places around a future house.

I'm super excited to have found such a great deal on craigslist for such pretty chairs!  Even if I wind up recovering them, they are still quite the steal!