Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thinking about Paint

I want to share a few inspiration pictures that I have collected on Pinterest recently. This topic was not what I had originally planned for today, but my newly developed cold convinced me to talk about paint colors instead.

Even though I have helped quite a few customers select colors at my paint store, I have never picked a shade for myself! My whole (unofficial) house needs new paint and I would like to get a few rooms painted before moving in. I am still undecided on the specifics, but the paint colors below caught my eye.



source, and to clarify - I'm not doing any crazy designs

can't seem to find a legitimate source for this one

As you can see, the colors are all sort of girly. J doesn't mind too much but he would like me to expedite the process so that we can move out of the teeny tiny apartment as quickly as possible.

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