Monday, February 16, 2015

Finding a Church

Mr. 3 and I went to a wonderful church in Northern Virginia.  I found them about 6 years ago and I loved everything about the church - the people, the preaching, and my wonderful small group.  Our previous Pastor was so so gifted and he married us two and a half years ago so we had a personal connection to him.  I've often sent Briana recordings for her to listen to in Florida, especially when the topics covered relationships and marriage.

Mr. 3 and I were really concerned about finding a church in Richmond that we could feel connected to the congregation and find a gifted Preacher.  We weren't interested in a mega church or a church with huge mortgage payment.  In our experience, the larger the congregation, the harder it is to make a meaningful connection.  The larger the mortgage payment, the less good works the church is able to do in the community and abroad.

We tried out a few churches in the Richmond area (one even met in a old movie theater with a great chandelier from the 1920s!).  I haven't "shopped" for churches in quite sometime and I was surprised to find that I had very strong feelings about what I did and did not want in a church.   Besides the mega church and mortgage payments, we went to one church where no one sang.  There was a band, but it seemed like not a single person was singing in the congregation.  To each his own, but I just felt weird about it.

I've been asking God to guide me to a place we could feel at home with the congregation and the Pastor.  After a fairly quick search, I think we've found one we want to stick with and start attending regularly.  Besides the above qualifications I've already mentioned which this church does meet, the music is wonderful, the people are so friendly, and I think the Pastor is gifted.   I'm so so thankful that we did not spend months and months looking for a church.

This isn't our usual Posh Purpose type of material, but I wanted to share with our readers (some of whom are my Bible study group members who have been praying for us to find a new church home!) that sometimes its not all home decor, parties, and the latest mascara.  Sometimes, it's about finding a place you can focus your faith and your life on God's plan which is greater than anything you could ever imagine for yourself.