Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Craigslist Crush: Volume 1

As I mentioned on Monday, craigslist Richmond is crushin' it to say the least.  I have no qualms in showing you all the goods since I have no place to store any new treasures...yet.  We are still paying rent on our apartment in D.C. until it gets rented out, so until that is taken care of, I'm window shopping only.  Pray y'all, pray.  

A lot of these items are big ticket pieces and the prices are reflective of that, but I think these finds are so so good and still pretty reasonable.  First up, this awesome antique ice chest which would be a fun and functional addition to a man cave:  
Antique Ice Chest
This stately screen is awesome and if you didn't care for the could spray paint it, but I like it as is in the right home.

Iron Screen
Be still my heart!  This stained glass door is gorgeous and needs to be in a 1920s house ASAP.

Stained Glass Door
Y'all know I dearly love a good chandelier and this is an awesome price if it is indeed crystal as described!  If it's not, light fixtures are insanely expensive, so you should snap this one up anyways!

Crystal Chandelier
Pedestal sinks never go out of style and this one looks to be in great condition!

Pedestal Sink
If you happen to buy that goregous stained glass door above, I might also suggest this Art Deco wall unit.  Great price and looks like it is in excellent condition!

Art Deco Wall Unit

I love love love my the craiglist finds, but don't think it's all beautiful.  I found this gem and I think my exact words were "Lord Almighty."  Thank you craigslist for continuing to come through with the good, the bad, and the painfully bizarre!

Asian Lacquer and Mother of Pearl Armoire