Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another ring solution

Previously, I wrote about an easy solution for the couple who wants a lovely but different engagement ring at a low price. However, mass produced rings are not for everyone. If you and/or your man are willing to put in a bit more effort, consider purchasing a loose gem stone and having a jeweler set it. Often, families have gold jewelry lying about not being used. If you bring that gold in, you save that much in gold prices.

The internet is an amazing thing. There are many wholesale gem sellers online and quite a few offer independent reports on the gems they sell. I particularly like the search function at Gem Select. They only offer AIGS reports on their gems, probably because they are located in Thailand along with AIGS. AIGS is not as well known as GIA but since Gem Select offers a no questions asked return policy, I would imagine the gems are accurately described. At least check out Gem Select's page on gemstones. It is very detailed and is even where I learned that blue topaz is rarely found naturally; most of the time, the blue topaz you see is irradiated white topaz. This informative page explains hardness of each gem so you can determine if it is suited to every day wear in your lifestyle.

Rhodolite Garnet
 You could purchase this 7 carat garnet (untreated) for $159, add AIGS report for $20 and have a jeweler set it in a simple white gold band for approximately $500. Now you have a beautiful engagement ring for under $700 and no one will have anything similar.

Also, if you are looking to upgrade later, a jeweler could easily reset this stone with a diamond pave halo. So sparkly!