Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding Registry Checklist

Martha Stewart has compiled an amazingly thorough registry list. The list contains practically every basic item a newly wed couple will need for cooking, dining and entertaining. Martha Stewart also includes explanations of options brides will encounter when deciding on what exactly to put on the registry. Do you want to know the difference between a copper pot and a stainless steel pot? What about the quality of various cottons? You can find it all in this eight page list. The list also has space for recording selections (brand, style, quantity) which is great for keeping track of what you have already chosen or for including in a wedding scrapbook. One thing to note is that the list does not specifically suggest dish towels but does leave extra space in each category for miscellaneous that were not already mentioned.

Melinda will be basing her registry location on where she can get the Raspberry Ice KitchenAid. I encourage this behavior. In fact, we are currently decorating her dream kitchen around it :)