Friday, July 8, 2011

Save Moo-lah: Buy At Seasonal Sales!

Decorations for your wedding can make or break your budget! Flowers are beautiful, but brides may want to choose a theme that will blend in with the feel of the venue. If you are going to have a theme to your wedding and your event is planned for the following year, you can save a ton of money by purchasing items during seasonal sales. For example, are you planning on a beach theme to your wedding? Home decor stores like Pottery Barn usually have a nautical or beach theme for their seasonal merchandise during the summer.* If you wait until their summer sale you can snag great deals on seashells, coral, and candle arrangements.

If you are having a Christmas time wedding, pick up your candles, garland, holly, snowflakes, etc. the day after Christmas when they are having the best deals and the best selection. Check Target and craft stores, like Michael's or Garden Ridge, who usually carry a lot of Christmas stock and discount it 50-75%. (Side bonus: By having a Christmas wedding you may be able to get your decorations for free. Churches tend to have their chapels decorated with trees and poinsettias the whole month of December.)

Make sure you look for decorations that aren’t overly cutesy. For example, you may find some great pink and red candle holders at Valentine’s Day...just make sure they aren’t stamped with cupid’s butt.

*Stay tuned for my Pottery Barn picks! I’ve just returned from an evening of perusing and shopping with my favorite sherpa, Mr. 3. We took pictures at Pottery Barn, made googly eyes, and then he sherpa’d my shopping haul out to the car. How did I get him to agree to this? Why I made sure he was well fed and set him up in a comfy chair with his laptop to wait out my dressing room time. All in all a good night for us both! He's such a good sport. :)