Friday, July 8, 2011

Reality TV Review!

TV Review: Say Yes to the Dress Bridemaids - “Fur Muffs and Fickle Friends”

TLC launched it’s latest spin off of the Say Yes to the Dress, this time based in Atlanta, GA. I LOVE this reality TV show franchise. I’ve been known to re-watch the same episode time and time again...and hold me back if there’s a marathon on, my productivity plummets!

The basic format is that brides come in and have a few of their bridesmaids put on different styles of dresses and then model them for the rest of the bridal party and the bride. The skinniest bridesmaids got to do the modeling (probably because the bridal salon keeps a limited number of samples on hand) while the curvier bridal party members sat on the sidelines. From what I could tell, it looked like the curvier bridesmaids had the better deal, because things got pretty vicious between the “models” and the bride. One bride told her sister that she “looked freakish.” Another maid said, “I know the bride is really important but so am I.” There was also an issue regarding a “muff” accessory that caused a bunch of bridal angst.

Other than that, the episode was pretty ho hum...that is until the end when one bridal party came in who had hit the bar before their alterations appointment and offered up these special quotes to live by:

“I want to be hootchie but classy too”

“We’re going to cut it off and make it a booty shakin’ dress"

Clearly, those have cross-stitch sampler written all over them. I'll be tuning in next week for sure!