Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bits from Behind the Scenes

Move over K. Middles....

Melinda: Mr. 3 says we need to think up a fluffier title for you than CFO. I think we should take the Chiefs out of them altogether and head straight for royalty.

Bri: OK

Melinda: I'm thinking you should be Duchess of China and Coin

Bri: OOO, I like it. We need to pick a sparkley version of Creative Director for you.

Melinda: How bout Countess of Candles and Color Palettes?

Bri: I like it! Lots of Cs.

Melinda: Does this mean we can wear tiaras now?*

Bri: Haha, of course!

*Note: See Melinda's profile page for guidelines on tiara wearing.