Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reader Request: Romper Opinion

One of my favorite people (shout out to Lindsey B!) recently asked me to post something about bridezillas possibly making their bridesmaids wear rompers or onesies at a wedding. According to Miss Linny, "she is completely over the jumpsuit trend"...and hasn't seen even one that made her think "oh maybe they aren't so bad...not even Heidi Klum and certainly not the K-dash klan."

We here at Posh Purpose try to be fashion forward, but there are some things we just can't condone. To the best of my knowledge (and daily viewing), there are no blogs, magazines, or designers reporting the emergence of rompers or onesies as a possible bridesmaid outfit choice. Nor should there be. First of all, despite the one size fits all mentality...trash bags rarely fit anyone well. Think about how much trouble it is to find shorts and pants that fit; then think about the times you haven't been able to get the top of a dress to fit. Now sew them together...and have a romper! Now, I have seen one or two rompers on celebrities that looked cute, ON THEM, but somebody paid them to look that good. As a general rule, onesie wear does not look good on anyone over the age of 3.

Secondly, there are many logistical issues with rompers. There is already enough angst and stress around getting a bride with a huge puffy skirt or long train into a bathroom to potty. So, I can't possibly imagine trying to line up 5-10 (possibly drunk) bridesmaids who have to take their whole outfit off before they tinkle.* Anyone remember the overall trend from the 90s? You had to wear the overalls with one strap unhooked and tossed over your shoulder, supposedly to look cool, but from a practical standpoint also to give you a head start on disrobing in the bathroom. It's the same idea.

For you bridezillas who truly want to punish your bridesmaids with a strapless romper, you have to worry about the length of the pants. Heaven forbid someone steps on the back of the pants or your bridesmaid catches her hem on her one will be looking at you, the bride, when your maid flashes the entire guest list!

Despite all of these concerns, I CAN say that a romper episode would be much a appreciated edition of Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids (do you hear me TLC?).

*If you are thinking of putting the snaps in the crotch like they do for infants, you may have bigger problems that aren't covered by the Posh Purpose blog.