Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cute Kitchen Accessories

my new pods!

I was shopping in Marshalls yesterday and discovered the cutest produce containers. J got the tomato, onion, lemon and lime for me. I know the lemon pod works (Christmas present for Mother) so I am excited to see how the rest perform. They definitely will save me the hassle of wrapping half eaten produce in saran wrap! I am keeping an eye out for the bell pepper pods so I can have an almost full set. I did see the avocado pod at Marshalls, but I did not purchase. I can't remember the last time I didn't finish off an avocado.***

They were each $3 at Marshalls - cheaper than in the Jo!e online store and ebay. If you can't find them in Marshalls, I suggest checking out the Amazon links below. The Amazon price is a dollar more than the Jo!e price, but the pods have free Amazon Prime shipping! Remember to borrow a friendly college student's email address to get that free year of Amazon Prime.      

 ***The avocado pod would have been useful during my D.C. summer - Melinda would take half an avocado for lunch in the morning and I would eat the other half when I got back from work so I wouldn't starve waiting for her to come home and feed me.