Monday, August 15, 2011

Exciting Announcement!

Last week, like every week, Melinda and I started dividing up this week's scheduled posts. I offered to do the Munchie Monday post, but Melinda insisted that she would do it this week since she was vacationing with Mr. 3 and family. I, however, knew she would not be baking or cooking. I knew this because I was in on a secret. Oh, how I love secrets!

A few months back, Mr. 3 approached me regarding rings. While finding the best choices for him, I found out a bit of info as well. (Multitasking was very easy as Melinda and I had spent countless hours pouring over estate rings so I pretty much knew which rings to suggest.) Mr. 3 shared that he wanted to propose when he and Melinda were on vacation with both of their parents so that Melinda could be with her mother right after. He does not remember telling me this, but he did and I have chat records to prove it.

Anyway, I am thrilled to announce that Melinda is engaged!!! She was so very surprised (I never gave her any indication at all - this being a surprise in itself) and is very very very happy! I totally knew what was up this weekend despite Mr. 3 trying to throw me off the trail. I made sure to have a back up Munchie Monday recipe available and to keep my phone on me at all times so that I would not miss Melinda's call. I'm pretty sure the phone only got through half of the first ring before I answered it.

I am so excited for her and Mr. 3! They make an amazing couple and are such great and loving people. They will have very pretty blonde babies who will keep the spray tan industry in business. I am also excited for myself because now Melinda and I can change our "Let's plan a wedding" game to "We are totally planning YOUR wedding, Melinda!" game.

Stay tuned for pictures!