Thursday, August 11, 2011

Special Edition Blogger Review: Lia Sophia Jewelry!

I love the power of a great accessory, don't you? I feel like they can take a blah outfit and remake it into something that makes a great statement and really makes you stand out from the crowd. Growing up, my mother got into jewelry making and some of my favorite pieces were (and still are) my big, colorful, beaded necklaces that she made for me to wear in the summertime. As a result I'm not afraid of big, chunky statement pieces or color, but I also think that a combination of more delicate jewelry can really pull together a cohesive look!

Recently, one of my Sigma Kappa alumnae sisters, Courtney Dickinson, decided to start a side business selling lia sophia jewelry.

Courtney and me sportin some lia sophia swag

She asked me to come to her first sales party that she hosted this past weekend. Although I'm usually one to avoid those at home parties, mostly because I hate feeling pressured to buy things, I wanted to support Courtney and I have heard great things about lia sophia jewelry. This line often gets written up in magazines like In Style, it's been spotted on several celebrities, and they usually have a swag tent at events like the Sundance Film Festival. Lia sophia is also about empowering women - first, by helping women earn an income while working at home, and second, by participating in Dress for Success, a non-profit dedicated to helping disadvantaged women re-enter the workforce. I asked Courtney if I could write a blogger review of lia sophia and I hit her up with a few interview questions prior to the event. Courtney is the sweetest girl and was so enthusiastic about her new business venture, which I'm sure you can tell by our interview below!

Posh Purpose:Courtney, what made you want to sell lia sophia jewelry?

Courtney: I had attended a friend's party when she hosted one for a Sigma Kappa event, back in the summer of 2010; I had so much fun at her party, I wanted to host my own! I went home and looked online for a lia sophia advisor in the DC area, and I found Elizabeth Voeller! From our emails back and forth, and 3 hostess parties with her, we have become really good friends through lia sophia! Watching Elizabeth while she shows off her jewelry at the parties I've hosted has always looked like so much fun. I've picked her brain for the past 3 months or so after she threw out the idea to me about becoming an advisor, and the rest is history!

Posh Purpose: What sets lia sophia up from other home based businesses/jewelry lines?

Courtney: This is a very good question! I am glad you asked. I decided to join lia sophia after I considered a few other jewelry businesses, as well! In the Northern Virginia/DC area, there seems to be an abundance of Silpada and Stella & Dot jewelry advisors. I read through their websites and talked with a few advisors of those lines that I know personally, before deciding lia sophia was the best match for me. Some of the points of difference: lia sophia offers that you can't find anywhere else: with their monthly specials, when they offer a 'Buy 2, get the 3rd for half,' nowhere else will you find that the first 2 items can be the LOWEST priced items, allowing the 3rd item to be the highest price and become HALF off! Also, the price points of the other lines are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive! I have purchased and worn lia sophia jewelry for the past year now, and can tell you firsthand that even though their jewelry is the most affordable fashion jewelry of the 3 lines - it is made of beautiful jewels and stones as well as high-quality metals. I haven't had any issues with the jewelry tarnishing or turning my skin colors, as you may find with some jewelry. And the best thing about lia sophia? It has a lifetime guarantee! Just hang on to your receipt and you can exchange items - say your fingers change sizes and your rings no longer fit, your dog found your necklace and it is now in 3 pieces, or you just changed your mind and want to order something else! I often compare the return/exchange policy to that of Nordstrom - no-hassle, no questions asked. It's the best!

Posh Purpose: Can you give us your 3 top picks at different price points?

Courtney: Sure! My 3 favorite gift ideas at different price points are:

1. 'Diary' Earrings (Style 22283 Gold/22284 Silver) $24

One of the pieces I'm most excited about in our fall/winter catalog: these dainty, feminine earrings! Such a deal at just $24, earrings are such a great gift to give.

What's even better? Buying a pair of earrings as one of your full-priced pieces to score a pricier, intricate necklace for half off! I love that these earrings come in both silver and gold - to be worn with every outfit!

2. 'Lemon Chiffon' Ring (Style 6C661) $88
This was one of my first lia sophia purchases and I will wear it forever; it is often mistaken as a David Yurman, and people are so surprised when I tell them it's lia sophia!


I recommend this ring to all of my friends - as a matter of fact, through the parties I've hosted, I've had 6 friends add this ring to their jewelry collections as well!!

3. 'Sugar Plum' Necklace (Style 31L60) $128

I originally had planned to order 2 of this necklace - one for my sister-in-law and one for myself. I had picked out a few other pieces I was interested in, and decided to only order the 1 necklace for my sister-in-law. Boy, did I learn my lesson! Once the order had come in and I took the necklace out of it's box, I regretted my decision and immediately placed an order for my own Sugar Plum necklace!

This is, hands-down, my FAVORITE necklace I've ever ordered. I receive numerous compliments every time I wear it! The stones are absolutely gorgeous and can be worn with so many different colors and outfits. It is worth every single penny, even more of a deal if you buy it as one of your half off items!! The necklace is made of five layers of purple jade and metallic silver, white alabaster, hematite, tanzanite and clear resin beads. A silvery chain and scalloped beaded accents meld it all together.

SO! I went to the party last Saturday and I had a great time (Courtney's apartment is so cute!). There were about 8 girls total and we all got a chance to chat before the event started. After snacking on some yummy treats, the party began with a demo of Courtney's favorite lia sophia picks from the fall catalog and an overview of the lia sophia brand. All of the picks were passed around the room and we were given copies of the catalog and paper to write down our favorites. Lia sophia jewelry is made of high quality materials. The silver products are anti-tarnish and are made from rhodium, which is a member of the platinum family. The gold products are made of 18K-22K electroplated gold. Stones may consist of glass or resin beads, pearls, crystals, or semi-precious stones. All of the earrings have a surgical steel post. For those of us with metal allergies (including me), these features make lia sophia a very attractive choice!

After passing around about 10-15 pieces of jewelry, we were divided into groups of 3 to play a game. Our assignment was to take off all of our jewelry we had come with and dress up our other team members with lia sophia jewelry. Everyone then voted on the favorite and second favorite look. Two lucky ladies got free piece of swag, including this fun cuff bracelet!

After the game, we were left to our own devices, to go through the catalog and try on the demo pieces that each lia sophia consultant uses at the shows. You are also free to ask questions at any time about the materials, construction, or information on lia sophias amazing policies. I also snuck a peak at Courtney's jewelry box and found that the girl definitely practices what she preaches. Check out her lia sophia stash! This is only the top drawer, and Courtney had several of her personal pieces set up on the demo display.

At our particular party, Courtney had two specials going. The first is the standard lia sophia any two regularly priced items, get the 3rd (which is your most expensive item) half off. So, if you have your eye on a $120 necklace and two pairs of $25 earrings...your total would be $25 + $25 + ($120/2)= $110, which is less than what the one necklace would cost if you bought it by itself! In addition, Courtney's August special was a BOGO, buy two regular priced items, get two half 3, get 3 half off, buy 4, get 4 half off, etc.

I spotted several pieces right off the bat, and actually spent quite some time narrowing it down to things I could use for both work or play. After Courtney places the order, it takes about 5 days to come in. When I get my pieces in, I'll post an update with some pics.

I also found quite a few pieces that I thought would make gifts for anyone. However, I feel that the lia sophia price specials and selection make their jewelry an especially great option for bridesmaid's gifts! Here's a few of my favorite picks with the price breakdown assuming that you have 6 bridesmaids. I picked the number 6, because I feel like this is a number that shows how much $ you could save when you need to buy that many gifts (which can get quite expensive).

Icon Earrings (Style # 23102): Cut crystals, comes in both silver and matte gold. Pierced Ears
Price Breakdown: $62 ea.
If sold separately: $372
With August special: $279 (or $46.50 each)

Plaza Necklace (Style # 32L21): Glass and resin beads, 16-19" necklace
Price Breakdown: $78 ea.
If sold separately: $468
With August special: $351 (or $58.50 ea)

Curio Necklace (Style # 33N13): Cut crystals with resin. 17-20" necklace. Note: This necklace appears black in the picture, however it is actually an antique gold color in person. Don't be afraid of the gold aspect! I was only two feet away from Elizabeth (pictured below, work it girl!) and it looked black to me!
Price Breakdown: $98 ea.
Price if sold separately: $588
With August special: $441 (or $73.50 ea)

Bottom line: You can maximize the deals to work with your budget and with lia sophia's no questions asked return policy it's definitely worth checking out! I should also mention that I never felt pressured to buy anything or felt like I was getting a hard sell. The party was just a lot of fun, and I've got my eye on some other pieces to buy in the future!

If you'd like to contact Courtney about hosting a party or purchasing any of the items listed here, please check out her website or contact her at! If you'd like us to review your products or business please contact us at!