Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trousseau Tuesday: Jewelry on Ebay?!

During one of our many gchat play dates, Melinda and I discovered an awesome collection of estate jewelry on Ebay. The seller certified-jewelry has a frequently updated list of rings along with a few earrings and bracelets. Most of the rings are quite pretty and, based on months of stalking, usually sell for $1500-$3000 which is a great price for most of these items! The items for sale are documented in great detail via high quality photos. Ebay also has a new bidding policy that allows you to place your highest bid but guarantees you the best price by automatically increasing your "present bid" by a small amount at a time each time someone bids against you.

My current favorite out of the available pieces is this opal ring. The Ebay page has pictures from all angles in both sunlight and indoor lighting. You will also find images with the ring on a person's hand (although the rings don't always fit onto the person's finger) and with the ring next to a ruler to give the ring's actual size.

I have seen many sapphire rings through this seller and many of the gemstones are accompanied by quality diamonds. It is definitely worth checking out, even if just for fun!