Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresh Idea Friday: Flower Arrangements

It's finally Friday! As we all prep for our weekend plans, I thought I would share a few interesting flower arrangement ideas that I gathered from The Knot. These arrangements would make lovely centerpieces for a wedding, party or even your supper table.

If you have a small table such as an end table or even a petite dining table, this arrangement is a great idea to add an unexpected pop of creativity. You need a tall cylindrical vase and some wire to hang the pomander balls. Alternatively, you can make your own pomander balls out of tissue and styrofoam as seen in this Project Wedding DIY tutorial. You can also use the Martha Stewart DIY tutorial to make pomander balls without styrofoam.

This picture is of a layered plexiglass centerpiece for a wedding. The layers are filled with various flowers. The idea is to make each layer monochromatic and to fill it with voluminous buds so one cannot see bare patches. But no need to fill the layers entirely! Place something in the center to take up space, while focusing the flowers along the walls.

If you want to adapt this for your own home and are willing to get a bit messy, you can grow the tall center flowers in a pot and build the plexiglass layers around the pot. However, plexiglass is not easy to cut! You can take the plexiglass to a local glass cutter for help, to lower the risk of shattering the plexiglass.

Bored of vases? Then check out this great idea! You can easily make the twine balls by checking out this Frugal Home DIY tutorial. Just add some hardy flowers and you have a great centerpiece for a rustic bridal shower!

This arrangement makes it look like the flowers are growing right out of the table! You can make a similar arrangement by purchasing and trimming some artificial wheat grass and then sticking silk flowers into it. Make sure to wrap the base with some pretty ribbon for the finishing touch!

If you try any of these great arrangements or have ideas, let us know in either the comments or by emailing us at poshpurpose at gmail dot com! We would love to hear from you!