Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Important Qualities in a Photographer

If you are in west or central Florida, you should definitely check out Shay Cochrane Photography. She takes beautiful photos and also doles out great advice on her blog. One post I found particularly helpful was about which qualities are indicators of a good wedding photographer. You should definitely check out her full post, but you can read a summary here.

  1. Trust your instincts and first impressions! Is the photographer prompt and friendly? Direct? Pay attention to any reservations you have after the first in person meeting.
  2. Shay insists that you only hire a photographer who has: back up equipment, backup photographers in the event he or she cannot make it to your wedding, business liability insurance
  3. Ask to see all images from an entire wedding shoot. The blog pictures are what the photographer considers to be his best work. You want to know what your entire wedding album will look like, which will involve more than just a few blog images.
  4. Only sign a very detailed contract that explicitly states pricing and what you get for that huge chunk of change.
  5. Communicate what type of images you want and what you do not like. 
Please check out her blog post for full details on each of these points! And happy hunting!