Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Tip Wednesday: Google Wedding Planner

The Google Wedding Planner is an absolutely essential organizational tool. You can download (or use in google docs) an amazingly thorough spreadsheet that contains practically any expense you may incur for your wedding. The spreadsheet was created by google with the help of the Style Me Pretty ladies so there are helpful tips as well.

It has pages for budget estimators, actual budget, guest list, all types of vendors lists, specific photograph list, and music list. This spreadsheet will keep all the important information in one location while reminding you of various details to consider.

One issue I have with this spreadsheet is that it is set up so that you must enter in a percentage of your wedding budget for each category (such as 47% for the reception) rather than the dollar amount you want to spend on the category. However, this is a quick fix depending on your preferences. Also, there is a bit of redundancy - the Ceremony category has expenditures for things that are also included in the Flowers category.

Google also has a great and easy to use website building service if you want to create a wedding website for free! And don't forget about using google docs for real time collaboration with your bridesmaids and other members of the wedding planning committee!