Friday, August 5, 2011

Fresh Idea Friday: Table Number Picture Frames

If you are having assigned seating at your wedding, I think this is a great opportunity to incorporate some personal touches on your wedding day. I love the idea of using picture frames from either your engagement photos or pictures of family members on their wedding days. Macy's has some great silver plated picture frames from Martha Stewart. They seem to go on sale pretty often, so you can buy a couple at a time to spread out the spending or if you are going to buy them all at once, make sure to take one of Macy's 15% off savings passes (actually, take the savings pass no matter what, every little bit helps!).

For this project, I found a 5x7 picture frame that could stand upright on it's own and that would fit both a photo and a fairly large size table number. I got it for $12.99 plus tax at Macy's.

To make the table number side of the frame, I took two kinds of leftover wedding wrapping paper; first, cutting the bottom layer to a 5x7 rectangle to fit the frame and then cutting the second layer into a 4x6 rectangle to match the size of my photo that I'm using for the other side. Hallmark makes good quality paper that has a cutting guide on the other side. So, I roughly sketched out the size I needed and cut it down with a pair of scissors. Next, I traced a number on the back of my top layer of paper (make sure to write it backwards) and then cut the number out so the bottom layer of wrapping paper could shine through.

Because my papers didn't have enough contrast for me, I cut out a black square to put underneath to make the number stand out. I didn't feel like digging through my craft box, so I cut out the back of my Mini Cooper catalog (seriously <3 those cars!). I then used double sided tape to attach all of my layers of paper and then slipped it into the frame.

Next, I took the same paper used on the background layer of the number and cut another 5x7 rectanle of the wrapping paper and to provide a background for my 4x6 photo. Then I slid it into the frame. Stand it up right and you've got a cute addition to your tablescape!

My project came out a little holly hobby for my personal taste, my edges were a little jagged and my number doesn't look quite right. I think I could make these look better if I had used either a stencil or die cut numbers, which might have also saved me some time. I would also invest in a paper cutter, because you can get precise measurements and straighter edges in less time (I think the paper cutter would a be a wise investment and will no doubt come in handy for future Fresh Idea Friday or Wedding Tip Wednesday projects!). I also realized that the wrapping papers should have plenty of contrast, because I'm pretty sure grandparents and the near sighted might have trouble finding their table from across the room without it. Also, if you really want to simplify things, and the backing to the frame has that black velvety texture (but without the stand to prop it up), you could just flip the backing over, attach the number in a contrasting paper using double stick tape, and slide it in the frame.

While $13 may seem a little steep for a table number, it's totally not when you consider that you can give these frames as gifts to family members to say thank you or for Christmas. Simply remove the table number and insert a wedding picture to go alongside your engagement picture. If you buy the Martha Stewart frames, they come in a box that is easy to wrap. If you have any leftover wrapping paper from the project you should be set!

What do you think? Do you like the idea of personal touches at your wedding? Is there anything special you've done to creatively enhance your wedding?