Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slight Problem

So I have a confession. I can't stop playing 2048. If you like number puzzles, you should definitely check this game out. The goal is to combine tiles to get one that adds up to 2048.

screen shot of one of my less than decent games
Basically, you shift the tiles up/down/left/right and when two of the same number hit each other, the two tiles combine to show the sum. So if two tiles displaying a 2 hit, they disappear and a tile that has a 4 appears instead.

Every time you shift the tiles, a new tile appears in one of the open spots. Usually it is a 2, but sometimes it is a 4 instead. When the board gets tight, you should really pay attention to how the tiles will shift so that a 2 is always going to be open. Otherwise, your empty slots will start filling up and you lose flexibility and eventually the game.

I played this game during my drying time for my glam thrift store lamp project. Usually I cannot stand waiting for things to dry, but I had to set a timer so I would not forget while playing this game! The game is super addicting for me, so I almost feel irresponsible for recommending it to our readers. 2084 is a true time suck, but you can think about it as brain exercise. That will make us all feel better after spending too many hours to count playing.