Friday, April 25, 2014

Kombucha: A Weird & Tasty Treat

Sometimes I'm a little behind on the latest and greatest in clean living, organic, natural remedy, sure-to-kill-all-that-ails-you type of trends...and evidently Kombucha is no different.  Kombucha is a sparkling drink made from fermented (with who knows what) tea, sometimes a bit of juice, and sparkling water.  It's supposedly filled with all sorts of probiotic and vitamin goodness that is said to relieve all sorts of ailments.  I actually first read about kombucha in a hilariously funny article from the Huffington Post on "Surviving Whole Foods."  Needless to say, the article's description is not what inspired me to try kombucha nor did it send me running to the store to pick up a bottle.

Mr. 3 and I were at Whole Foods having a glass of wine and I noticed that they carried kombucha on tap.  I asked the barkeep to describe it to me and he described kombucha as "slightly vinegary fizzy drink", which reminded me of my Balsamic Vinegar Spritzer but with more he gave me a pour of the elderberry version and I loved it!

After googling a bit more about it, I decided to pick up two bottles to try from Safeway: Kevita Lemon Ginger and GT's Synergy Enlighted Kombucha in Cosmic Cranberry.  Both were delicious and less than 100 calories for the 16 oz. bottle.  I liked the fizziness and the flavor was really yummy, but yes a bit vinegary...which evidently I do not have a problem with and seem to enjoy.  I could definitely see this being a great car trip treat if I plan far enough in advance or as a daily drink.  I'm going to try a few more brands and see if I have any positive health effects.  I will report back once I've taken it a bit more.

Briana and I are also trying out coconut oil in a bunch of different ways (makeup remover, lotion, bug repellant, etc.) in the upcoming weeks, so look for articles on coconut oil too.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend...and perhaps a bottle of kombucha!