Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Sorry for the delay in today's post! I had some internet issues. I had so much fun reading Melinda's thrift store finds!  I have major end table envy here - totally would have snatched up that $15 table she photographed if it were in my area. Here are yet more pictures from our thrifting adventures during Melinda's spring break. When you go to Habitat three times in a week, plus visiting other stores as well, you end up with a ton of pictures.

This purple painting was quite large and in great shape. I love the colors, but I am just not into florals. However, someone else clearly was because it was snatched up a few days later. And for $40, I am not surprised.

Mom and I debated over this lamp, and she ended up taking it home for $20. She will be replacing the shade most likely, but the base is beautiful!

This lamp also went home with mom. She bought it for $30 to coordinate with the one above. The two lamps just belong together, which is why I decided she should buy them. I am not currently in the market for two large lamps. She has already set the pair up in her house so I am able to enjoy whenever I visit.

This $20 floral chair is covered in a plasticky material that is in great shape. You can update an upholstered chair by just removing the skirt, so always check the legs underneath to see if it is finished enough to take scissors to the skirt.

This plastic set of some pouring thing and a pair of salt and pepper shakers was pretty cute, and cheap too! I believe each piece was 50 cents - great for an outdoor set or something to put at the kids table.

This retro china set was so wonderful. I feel a slight twinge of sadness that I did not buy it, but I was happy to see that someone had picked it up when I visited two weeks later. I hope the new owner loves these dishes as much as I would have. As you can see, the set is pretty complete and priced at $15.

The gravy dish was particularly fun. See how it angles down? Sadly, the base had a tiny chip. The creamer and sugar bowl are in the background to the right. My favorite part of this set is how everything is shaped.

close up of sugar bowl

stack of plates

This picture is of the table stacked on top. Habitat was clearly running out of floor space that day. Melinda was very drawn to this style of end table, as she mentioned in her post yesterday. This one had a cool swirly pattern to it and the legs angled out nicely on the bottom. Even though it was not made of great materials (no hardwood here), the price tag said $10 which seemed quite reasonable.

Mom also bought this solid wood frame for $1! The pattern in the center is actually part of a towel bench that I bought for $15. I did not take a picture of my purchase from the side, and I would go run do it now except I think the piece is stored somewhere else? I'm not sure, it went home in mom's vehicle and I haven't seen it since. Neither has J, although I'm not entirely sure he knows I even bought it.. Ah the joys of thrifting when you have no space for your newfound treasures.

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