Wednesday, April 30, 2014

$10 Happiness: Firefly Tram Tour

A few weeks ago my sister Bekah invited J and I to go along on a firefly tram tour at our local state park. Up until then, I didn't even realize Florida had fireflies! I loved chasing and catching them when visiting Kentucky family so of course I was up for going on the tour.

We all rode around on a tram (think Disney transportation between parking and park) with a park ranger tour guide, who explained all kinds of things about the Florida scrub and stopped where the fireflies were more abundant. We also stopped to see other wildlife that started roaming around dusk.

The adult tickets were $5 each and totally worth it. Well I thought so. J grew up with Ohio fireflies so our little bunches of Florida fireflies were not so impressive to him. He had a good time holding baby J and eventually putting her to sleep.

Sadly our firefly season has already come to an end due to summer starting waaaaay early. But I will keep an eye out next year for more tram tours! What kind of fun nature outings do y'all enjoy? And check out our other $15 happiness posts!