Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I really enjoyed reading about Melinda's Easter potluck! I am so sad that I always miss out on her great parties. Have you noticed she has been working on her new hobby of flower arrangements? You should check out how she used grocery store flowers in bud vases and a low vase arrangement

Now it is time for my favorite post: thrift store finds! I am thrilled to announce that we have finally reached the last of our finds from Melinda's spring break, which means I have an excuse to visit the thrift stores more often than I already do! 

As I am looking at these pictures again, I apologize for the terrible angles. Sometimes Habitat is just so full of treasures that I can't always get a good view. This end table is $40 and has the coolest legs and hardware. It was a good size too. By now, it should have a new home that is much cleaner than Habitat.

Mom grabbed four (or six? can't remember) of these folding card table chairs. The price tag said $8 each, but our good friend marked them down to $5 each. Mom loves having extra card tables and chairs for family events and church parties. She actually owns enough seating for our whole choir - over 50 people! The stamp on the bottom is really neat and shows the chairs are from 1958 from what we could read. Vintage! Or is that antique now? I haven't researched the stamp yet, but it is on my list of things to do.

I am now a thrilled owner of this coffee table and matching end table. The coffee table is huge! Which is great, because my couch is 8ft long. Of course, it does not fit in my teeny tiny apartment so mom is storing it for me until I get more space. The price tag says $80 for the set, but again our friends gave me a great deal of $50! How could I say no? I will try to clean up the cane and see if that brightens the piece up enough. If not, I may paint it. But first, I will wait until I have space to actually use it. I can't wait!

Hi J! This china hutch is sooo cool. The price is $95, but the thing was still sitting there last time I visited so I would imagine our friends at Habitat would decrease it for an enthusiastic buyer. The hardware is my favorite and the drawers are dovetailed. I considered buying it the same day as my tables, but I figured three pieces of furniture stored by my mother was more than enough (she also has a huge dresser/sideboard/whatever in storage for me). Good thing I have her. Otherwise, I would not have any space to walk in my apartment and J would have to find other living quarters!

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