Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

This past weekend, J and I went to Ohio to celebrate his grandfather's 90th birthday. Despite the cold (we had frost one morning!), it was great getting to visit with everyone. I hope to make my thrifting rounds this week, but until then we will just enjoy pictures from last week's excursion.

This hutch(?) was $185, but I imagine someone could get a better deal since it was priced March 14. The ovals are so interesting, the drawers are dovetailed, and there were no funny odors. All those qualities plus being in great condition make this piece of furniture a great mid century thrift store find! I couldn't find much info on the company, but included a photo of the label.

This $15 chair has personality. The seat and back are small, so probably it would be good for a child's room assuming that child does not like to leap off elevated platforms. Otherwise, you may have injuries.

These matching end tables were $30 each but usually you can get $10 off the total price if you buy the pair. Not bad if you want something you won't feel bad spray painting.

This end table was quite large and heavy. Priced at $70, it is a bit more expensive than Habitat's normal end tables. However, the hardware and wood grain details make it more interesting than the average Habitat end table too.

Not sure if this really fits anyone's style, but the price tag says $40 which means you could snag that large piece of glass for another project and repurpose the base somehow. The lines of the base are actually not bad, so I bet you could update the whole look with a different color scheme.

Wow I love thrifting. So many good things! And even more fascinating/hilariously ugly things! Check out our other thrift store finds and stay tuned for more.

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