Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nashville Shopping: Downtown Antique Mall

When Mr. 3 and I were in Nashville a couple of weeks ago, we stopped by the Downtown Antique Mall on 8th St near the Gulch.  I didn't take note of too many prices because there weren't what I would call thrift store goods, but they had a great selection of antique, vintage, and really interesting finds.  I think the store is set up as a booths with a different dealer responsible for setting up each space.  Lots of vendors set up little vignettes with different themes....which was great!  Overall, I loved getting to poke around another city's vintage finds since D.C. is so seriously lacking.  I'd love to go back and check out more of Nashville's stores someday!  Here's a few of my finds, starting of with a very interesting display of chemist beakers?

Great set of 12 demitasse cups with ornate metalwork.  These were in perfect condition from what I could tell.  I thought they were awesome but I can't imagine ever serving 12 cups of espresso or coffee...nor could I figure out how to travel with that many breakables.

This was one of the cool vignettes set up to look like a mid-century office space.

Really pretty china cabinet with hand painted detailing.

Absolutely beautiful pearl colored silk couch.  I believe it was $500.

These three chairs and side table caught my eye.  I liked the lines and the blue fabric on the seats.

I love love love the glamour of this chandelier!  Really great find.

There was an interesting selection of lamps.

Finally, this chair looked super comfortable and would go great in a man cave by making it a bit more upscale than your typical old recliner.

I spotted a lot of other great finds at this store and I'm kicking myself for not picking up a set of ceramic coasters and some red glass plates that would have gone great with my thrift store cocktail set...buuuut they were a little too expensive for my budget ($25 for the coasters and each plate was like $12 or $14).  Overall, if I find myself in Nashville again, I definitely would come back to the Downtown Antique Mall and probably spend more time in the area checking out the other antique and thrift stores in the area.

612 8th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee
Mon - Sat 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Sun 1:00 PM - 5 PM

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