Thursday, May 29, 2014

Posh Purpose Store Review: Stifel & Capra

 One of my favorite activities this past weekend was doing a little shopping in Falls Church, VA at a thrift store/antique/artisty gift shop called Stifel and Capra.  The store was packed with all sorts of great things to look at and pass an afternoon shopping.  The prices weren't exactly bargain basement, but they weren't as pricey as other antique stores and everything seemed to be in really good condition.  Here are a few of the most fun items that I spotted around the store:
Awesome retro stove and sweet child's rocking chair (wouldn't that be great with a cute pillow or repainted in a fun color?)

Love this cool patio furniture set....priced at $150 for all three pieces, it just needs some bright cushions to set it off!

Retro TV stands - $30 for 4.  These would make cute stands for party stations at an outdoor party - paper plates and napkins, beverages, bugspray/sunscreen, etc.  Also great for a little girl's sleepover!  Movie snacks and a nail painting station.

Adorable fruit coasters - $5 for the set.  I would love these in a beach house!

After a good cleaning - great for a playroom or little boy's bedroom.

Interesting light fixture - painted black or bright green this would be great in a powder room!  I believe it was about $90.

Wonderful selection of vintage hats!  I haven't seen this many ever...

Wonderful assortment of vintage clothing and jewelry.  One of the best features of the store were the jewelry cases.  They are old school and each level rotates with the flip of a switch!  Jewelry selection was awesome and priced between $5-$25.  I'm also loving the side table!  It was part of a set which included one other identical side table and a coffee table for $280.

I was also surprised to see a collection of vintage linens.  Usually, you are find linens with age spots or old food stains, but I found a large amount of great retro linens.  I consulted Briana and she said as wonderful as her Habitat ReStore is, there are usually none to be found.  Stifel & Capra's prices were a bit all over the place and I couldn't really say why some items were priced the way they were (maybe because they are a vendor based store), but I was impressed with the quality!  I didn't take advantage of it, but there was a collection of mix and match vintage hankies priced at 5 for $24 which I thought with a bit of starch could make a great set of cocktail napkins!  Here are my purchases for the day:

$22 for 6 napkins

50s Screen Printed Table Square  - $35
Hand embroidered tablecloth - $16

I couldn't photograph everything, but there is sooo much more to see at Stifel & Capra including original artwork and handmade jewelry.  The two ladies working that day were so helpful and kind.  Chatty when they needed to be and quiet when they didn't.  The store also has a generous 10 day return policy which is unheard of in thrift store/antiquing world.  Finally, for all you locals out there...the shop has a parking lot in front, so no worries on trying to find street parking or paying to park!  If you haven't checked it out yet, I hope you swing by!

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10-6 and Sunday: 1-5

260 West Broad St.
Falls Church, VA 22046
(703) 533-3557