Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Time for another round of thrift store finds! We are entering into a different season of thrifting here in Florida. The snowbirds have mostly gone back north, which means less crowded stores. That also means less turnover and less donations. The first part of that sentence is a good thing because we don't have to fight for the good stuff/go every day. The second part sounds like it is not so good, but I know Habitat for Humanity has a warehouse full of donated furniture that they fall back on when the store gets a bit sparse. Although if you have looked at the background of my pictures, you know it rarely gets sparse. But enough chatting, time for some pictures!

I found this queen size bed at Habitat, but unfortunately the price tag is blurry so I have no clue how much it was. Brass is definitely back in style and the metal itself was in good condition. As you can see in the third picture, one of the topper pieces was missing from the decorative floral ball. Someone must have really loved this bed because it wasn't there the next week.

This giant light fixture was $8. It had a lot of potential but requires really cool looking light bulbs. Those globe bulbs you see above are not my first choice. Again, this piece was gone the next week which was a bit surprising considering there was no "tested and works" sticker on it, which leads me to believe that the thing needed rewiring.

This is an end table/tv console? Not entirely sure, given the awkward size. However, the shape and detailing on the bottom was interesting and the wood was in decent condition. The $25 price tag never hurts, either.

Next to the green and brass bed pieces was a very interesting floor lamp. If I remember correctly, it was priced at $10. That isn't real wood you see there but the lamp was tested and works so for a kids room or home office, it wasn't a bad buy.

I really like this platter and it was only $1! That being said, I did not purchase it because it goes with absolutely none of my current possessions. Sometimes you have to hold back despite the cool details and awesome price.

Want to see our other thrift store finds? We usually blog about them every week!

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