Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Goal Updates

It's that time again where I publicly proclaim how well (or not so well) I am working towards my 2014 goals.

Beauty: I have not tried anything new recently in this category. Oh well, maybe next month?

Health: Still love zumba, still love fresh produce! J bought half a 5 gallon bucket full of juice oranges (for $4) so I made fresh citrus chicken and asparagus one night. It was really yummy! Summer is very quickly heading towards Florida, so I won't have as many locally grown options in the coming months but I will still make an effort to eat lots of produce anyway.

Finance: Our company has grown a bit, which is great news! We are very quickly covering our living expenses for the year, but that also means we are considering increasing our spending habits a bit. Obviously not by too much, because business owners don't have a guaranteed pay check. By the way, I had to rely on spell check to get "guaranteed" right. Perhaps I should reevaluate my intellectual goals. On that note, I am learning quite a bit about accounting through using quickbooks and google searching everything before I input. I never considered accounting as a career, and I certainly don't regret that decision. This task is one of the things that will be passed on to a more suitable person if we ever expand to the point that I can't input our monthly data in less than an hour.

Spiritual: I went to church last Sunday! Of course, it was Easter so practically everyone who has any inkling to attend church was there on Sunday.

Creative: Did y'all notice I actually finished a project? Like for real, it is 100% done (minus a slight repair - don't let things roll around in your back seat). What is done, you ask? My thrift store lamp! It would make me so happy if y'all checked it out and tossed out a few compliments (or not so complimentary opinions, I don't offend easily). Maybe if I get enough positive reinforcement I will tackle some of my unfinished (i.e. unstarted) projects. On another creative note, Melinda has been making her own flower arrangements using grocery store flowers so I feel like I am more creative through her endeavors. That's how this cousin thing works. My favorite arrangement so far is when she used her low vase.

Intellectual: I have lost count of how many books I have finished, but it is more than one per month. Yay! I used to read so much but I have a lot less time now that I am not 12 years old. I am also continuously learning from my dad about how to run a business. So much goes into every decision! He will be going on a sailing trip for a few weeks this month, so I will be making lots of decisions on my own. Very exciting! I am also working on my photo editing skills. Could you tell? There is quite a bit of room for improvement.

Blog: Melinda came up with a new series called $15 happiness and I just love it! The idea is that sometimes little things are all it takes to brighten your day. While we don't believe material things can make you truly happy, Melinda and I both find enjoyment in a new bottle of nail polish. And as always, I love writing about thrift store finds. One day (when I don't live in this teeny tiny apartment) I will photograph all my furniture and source each item. I predict over 50% will be thrifted while 5-10% from Restoration Hardware. The rest, who knows?