Friday, May 9, 2014

Bits from Behind the Scenes: Kombucha

Following my recent post on kombucha, my family (who are quite the loyal Posh Purpose readers!) and I have had quite the lively email chain going regarding kombucha.  Unbeknownst to me, our grandmother grew/cultivated/created kombucha in a jar she kept in the living room and my mother and aunts feared that the kombucha (which looked like a mushroom) would attack them in the night.  Here's the email chain I received (Mama = our grandmother):

Email 1 - My MomI wonder if you realize that that stuff you are paying money for is what Mama use to grow in a big gallon jar and keep it under a chair.  It was a giant, creepy mushroom that her friend gave her because they grow babies.  Then, they poured off the liquid and drank it.  It looked like a space alien.

Email 2 - Mewelll.....I've never seen pictures of it, but I would imagine it's quite disgusting looking.  which is why i choose to pay for it in my nice clean glass bottle with pretty labeling.  i'm also pretty sure if i left a jar under the sink i would forget about it and it would one day be the basis for a sci-fi movie based on a true story...orrrrrrr i'd convince myself it was ok to drink and spend a few days in the hospital recovering from bad kombucha (which I can only imagine how horrid bad kombucha could be).  not to be gross...but all i'm going to say about it's effects are that my colon has been extra healthy of late.  sooooo, if any of you are suffering from a less than pleasant potty experience, you might give it a go.

Email 3 - My MomMama kept it under a chair in the living room.

Email 4 - Our Aunt JWhen I slept at Mama' s I always made sure a lid was on it...just to be sure it stayed in the jar overnite. I got the mushroom from a friend of mine.

Email 5 - My MomBriana's mom said she put books on top of the jar to make sure the mushroom stayed in there.

Email 6 - Aunt J: Yes we each had our way of protecting ourselves.

Email 7 - My MomHow life changes......what we once feared is now sold in pricey bottles.

Email 8 - Briana's MomMama kept it in daddy's office under the desk when I was there. I understood that it had to be in a dark environment.  It was very very scary! Mama offered me a taste, understandably I declined the experience.  Frankly I would rather have cancer than let a man eating mushroom live in my house.

Needless to say, it looks like I will be the only one raising a glass of kombucha anytime soon (poured directly from a nice clean, fancy pants bottle...and not from a jar shoved in some dark corner of my apartment).  Hope this made you laugh!  Have a great weekend everyone!