Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pinterest Personalized for You

I just discovered that Tech Crunch included this post in their review of Pinterest's personalization feature. After reading it, I realized I may have not been clear in my original post (found below). When I said I have no "personal interest" in the coffee body scrub, I simply meant I myself don't care to use it. The research I mentioned was performed because I wanted to make the scrub for my sisters-in-law. You may have already read about how I made that scrub. My overall point is that Pinterest prioritized many things that I do not spend much, if any time, searching or pinning.

I got a notification from Pinterest yesterday about a new feature. There is a new category for browsing called "Personalized for You" and is located with all the other categories like Popular, Weddings, etc. I have ignored Pinterest's previous updates like maps and whatever else they have done recently, but I decided to check this one out. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I have included a screenshot of the page that came up for me. Please ignore my crazy bookmarks. I don't clean them up ever.

First thing I noticed was the coffee body scrub section right in the middle of the top row. I have no personal interest in coffee body scrubs, but I guess Pinterest assumed I do because I did some research leading up to making the coffee body scrub gifts and then pinned my own article (shameless self promotion). The second thing I noticed was the gloves section, which I suppose came from my beaded glove project because I have never searched for gloves otherwise. The thrift store section was interesting and more in line with my interests. I clicked on it and it just seemed to pull up a bunch of pins as if I had searched "thrift stores," so I am not sure it has added any value to my Pinterest experience. More exploring could change my mind, however.

I really am not a cocktail party, but my pin from my What to Wear to a Christmas Cocktail party is featured on the right side. The doily art is amusing to me, because I know it came from gift ideas research, as did the wine decanter segment. And I don't think I have ever searched for gold kitchens, but I know I have searched those words separately. Overall, I think Pinterest could improve their algorithms for this personalization feature but for now it doesn't add much to my life. Have y'all tried it out yet? We would love to hear other opinions!