Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Activities

Hey y'all! Even though I don't dread Mondays, I find that I appreciate my weekends a bit more now that I go into an office in the afternoons. I have also learned that since I am not at all a morning person (as Melinda learned while hosting me for a summer), I have to devote some of my weekend time to chores. It is almost as if I am a real adult or something. 

Despite my groundbreaking realizations and the mountains of housework that had piled up, J and I managed to have some fun. We tried out a local restaurant Cang Tong for the first time and it was wonderful! The menu had both Chinese and Japanese dishes and sushi as well. Sometimes ethnic restaurants can't make it in our more rural setting but I was happy to see that there was a long line when we left.

J also squeezed orange juice. So yummy! Our local farm was selling juice oranges by the bucket, but we were able to grab half a bucket's worth for $4 - more suitable for a two person household. We still have over half the oranges left, too. By the way, that monogrammed glass pictured is part of a set my sister Kimberlee gave me as part of our wedding gift. She found a set of 9 at a thrift store and knew I would love them.

 It was prom weekend in my town, so I got to do my niece's makeup. She was so pretty! Of course, I snapped a picture of her with the awesome sunglasses I gave as a birthday present, so you can't see the eye makeup.

Normally, my two older sisters and I take turns hosting everyone for Sunday lunch. This month is a bit busy so we decided to skip until May. My sister Bekah organized a Taco Bell event Saturday night so we could still all get together. After eating out two nights in a row, J and I were in serious need of a healthy meal. I made hummus, chicken, quinoa, along with a variety of cut up vegetables.

One of my favorite parts of this meal is getting to use one of my Anna Weatherly platters. So overall, great weekend! Did y'all do anything fun/new/exciting? Make sure to come back tomorrow for my exciting DIY project that I actually completed!