Monday, April 21, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Melinda's brunch was a success, and my family's lunch was absolutely delicious. Later this week, she will be sharing all her secrets. While she recovers from all her hard work, I thought we could admire some thrift store finds from our spring break adventures. All of these items were found in the town to the south. 

This tea set was quite lovely and in great condition. It is perfect f you wanted a special gift to give a bride, yet don't want to spend $100 or more. Just make sure she likes gold, because this set makes a statement!

I love these little guys. I think they are bookends? There were two little ones and two big ones, and all four were quite heavy. I should have bought them! If I remember correctly, the price averaged out to about $7 per piece.

This dress was not priced, but the surrounding clothes were all reasonable. I love the shape of the hemline and the sleeves matched! The color is terrible for me, or else I would have bought it since the dress was in such good condition.

I had to show y'all this piece of furniture with the doors both open and closed. While the color of the wood is not to my liking, everything about this piece was very interesting. And for $49, you (or someone you pay) could totally refinish it to suit your other furniture!

This $20 decanter was really pretty. The store was more of a consignment/antique store than the thrift variety, so less digging was needed to find pretty things. Melinda bought her beautiful floral dish here! I will definitely be going back to this store when I need a bridal shower or wedding gift.

This beautiful coffee set immediately caught our eyes when we walked in the room. The finish is iridescent and in very good condition, although not perfect. There were six coffee cups, which is great! Normally, I see sets with three or five cups due to breakage over the years. This would make another lovely gift for a bride, especially if she isn't into the gold set at the beginning of this post.