Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I'm back with another round of thrift store finds from Melinda's spring break. I know she just posted about her DC thrifting experience yesterday, but since it was a disappointing trip I wanted to share a few more inspirational items to keep her hopes up.

This pink light fixture was pretty awesome. I want to buy it and the two smaller coordinating ones in the background for my future dining room. I would paint the brass metal bits a different color, though. I just am not in love with the brass trend and these lights look just a bit dated. The large fixture is $50 and the two smaller ones are $35 each.

Melinda and I thought this desk was pretty cute. It needs a good coat of paint, but you can't beat the price of $15.

Oh my goodness, I love this chair. It is in GREAT condition, the legs are so cool, and the fabric is not nearly as offensive as you might expect from a thrift store floral. I almost picked it up, but I really don't need one more chair - especially for $60. The price is not bad at all. I just don't need another chair.

I bought four of these pretty glass plates. I'm pretty sure they are bread and butter plates, but Melinda and I used them to serve our individual pineapple upside down cakes.

I also bought eight of these coffee cups. They are soooo pretty with the plates above! I got these beauties for 25 cents each and immediately washed a few when I got home. The cups cleaned up perfectly and J even likes them.

The Boys and Girls Club (former home of the cups and plates above) had a lot of full glassware sets, most for 25 cents a glass. The set above was tempting but I have enough glassware for now.

Also at the Boys and Girls Club, I almost bought these (25 cents each). They also coordinate with the pink plates but I decided the blue ones were more to my liking. There were nine of them, I believe.

If I had space for this thing, I would have found a way to bring it home. The Boys and Girls Club normally does not have stylish furniture, so I was surprised when I spotted this table. The price tag says $20 and now that I am looking at it again, I am having regrets for leaving it behind. I would totally have painted the wood a really fun color and admired it for months and months. Although, the wood grain on the base is pretty cool so I would probably have tried to figure out a way to keep that intact.

This set of outdoor plates was adorable. There were about eight of each item and the plastic was good quality. It would be perfect for kids to take outside for picnics. As you can see, the price is $8.

Believe it or not, I have even more pictures from Melinda's spring break trip so we will be doing thrift store finds at least once a week for the foreseeable future. And I went to Habitat this morning with mother, so expect even more down the road! Check out our other thrift store finds!