Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TV Review: Rehab Addict

If you have any interest in restoring old homes, I highly suggest you check out HGTV's Rehab Addict.  I'm usually not a big fan of HGTV's programming because everything seems staged and the people who are supposedly "renovating" are really just pretty people they can put in front of the camera to "redecorate."  However, Nicole Curtis, the star of Rehab Addict, is both pretty aaaaaand talented aaaaand isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.  Rehab Addict basically follows her story as a flipper in Minneapolis (she's also a real estate agent, but the show doesn't get into that part of her life).  But as the show's tag line goes she's "not your average flipper."  She takes historical homes from the 1800s - 1950s and restores them to their original glory.

I find her very interesting because she actually does a lot of the work ripping up tile, laying down tile, repairing steps and banisters, wiring lights, demo, using a boom to paint the trim on the outside of the house, lifting lots of heavy things, and doing generally nasty work.  She is also not afraid to dumpster dive her own trash bin to find a light fixture (neighborhood people often take advantage of a work site's dumpster to get rid of their trash).  She also buys houses no one else would touch.  One season was built around her renovating a house that the city had condemned for $1.  That's right.  $1.  She paid cash.

I've been talking about Rehab Addict to Briana for quite some time and she finally caught an episode with me during spring break...and now she's hooked.

Salvaged Wood DIY
Source: You Tube

If you don't have HGTV you can check out some of the episodes on Ulive and you can probably catch some reruns on DIY Network.  Anyone else a big fan?