Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roadkill Rescue!

Do y'all remember that jewelry dish I monogrammed for my niece's Christmas present? Well, it was just featured on Roadkill Rescue today! I love that blog - such a great source of inspiration - and am so excited to see one of my projects posted there. Here is a link to their post about my jewelry dish.

If you haven't ever read Roadkill rescue, you should definitely check it out. All the projects are based around free items. For mine, the dish was originally given to me by my aunt when she was downsizing apartments, but a lot of people use things they found for free or things that were fixing to be tossed - hence the name Roadkill Rescue. Do y'all read similar blogs? Melinda and I love to see projects summarized and linked back to the original source. It helps us quickly sift through to the things we want to do now and save other interesting projects for later.