Thursday, April 17, 2014

$13 Happiness: Jam, Honey, & Butter

I've done a few posts on little upgrades that I've put in around my apartment, but we are starting a new series called $15 Happiness.  If you've read our post on what the Purpose of Posh Purpose is, you know that one of our beliefs is incorporating little bits of luxury into your daily life (you choose how to define what is luxurious to you).  While little upgrades are focused on improvements in housing or decor, $15 Happiness is dedicated to things or experiences $15 or less that make you feel pampered, less stressed...or simply make you smile like this jam jar, honey pot, and butter keeper from Crate and Barrel for $13 that I purchased over the weekend while shopping for a friend's wedding present.

I love the way this cute dishes look together and while they are all useful items, they weren't absolute necessities.  BUT they make me immensely happy and I plan to use them quite a bit for future brunches.  The butter keeper is getting put out immediately at my upcoming Easter Potluck this Sunday (be sure to check in next week for a How to Host post).

Isn't this jam jar sweet?  It makes me happy on the inside every time I look at it.

The honey jar has a removable silicone dipper, which will put a bright pop of yellow on the table.

I just love how cheerful the dishes look together!  While this post focused on material items (although useful!), not all of our $15 Happiness posts will be about items we purchased...for example, when D.C. is blowing nasty sideways rain a $10 cab ride would certainly bring me a lot of happiness over walking. Aaaaand although our Thrift Store Finds are definitely below the $15 mark, we will not be including them as a part of this series.

PS - If you are wondering where I picked up that pretty placemat, you can read about it here and here.