Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thrift Store Finds: Fort Myer Thrift Shop Part 2

Last week, I blogged about the wonderful Fort Meyer Thrift Shop and I promised to share with you my great finds.  First up, these great pressed glass vases with a bit of gold trim.  I'm not sure if they were trying to market them as champagne or beverage glasses because they had them stuck with some other crystal drinking glasses, but I plan to use them for flowers...and I'm going to get started with my upcoming Easter potluck.  Won't they look great with some daffodils?

$3.50 each...ignore beer in background.  We don't have enough space in the fridge.

You might be noticing my beautiful flower placemat in the picture above.  I got a set of 8.  I think they are linen and each are screen printed with a different flower.  All 8 only cost me $4.20.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Aren't the fringy bits great?  They remind me of the peachy napkins I scored on spring break with Briana that I used at my recent tea party.

I also found this set of sweet jewelry boxes.  I'm thinking about gifting them, but if I can't find the appropriate person, I will probably keep them for myself.  They need a bit of polishing, but the insides are lined in pretty black velvet.

$5.55 for the pair
My final find was this preppy plaid umbrella.  I actually spotted this while waiting in the dressing room for my friends to get finished looking around.  It's right near the check out line and the only reason I spotted it was because a man picked it up out of an umbrella holder (it was the only umbrella) and then promptly put it back.  Upon which, I promptly snapped it up.  It's really nicely built with vents for the wind to prevent it from flipping inside out.  It was a bit bigger than my purse umbrella so I decided to grab it for the nasty D.C. weather we have been having.  I already used it yesterday when D.C. was graced with some sideways blowing rain.  Ick.  So far, it's worked great!

$7 protection against the elements
There you have total Fort Myer Thrift Store Haul.  I will probably head back again sometime this summer.  Let me know if you have any thrift store recommendations in the D.C. area, I'd love to check them out and do a review!