Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Briana's Fantasy Wish List

Melinda and I thought it would be fun to create our fantasy wish lists along with our other Christmas gift guides. Our only rules were the items needed to be at least as expensive as a car and no more than the price of a yacht.

1. I totally need a 1968 Stingray Corvette. I will also need a chauffeur to drive J and any guests in a separate car because I'm pretty sure fitting a second person inside the Stingray is a difficult task.

2. Tiffany prints their Blue Book every year before Christmas. It is full of gorgeous and over the top pieces, but I legitimately believe I could find a way to wear this Tiffany headpiece. Grocery store, vacuuming, blogging - all would be improved with the diamond and pearl headpiece.

3. Even though I don't have a house, I really want this art deco door. I have no info on the history of the door, so please let me know if you do!

4. I love this Alexander McQueen peplum gown. You really need to click on the link so you can zoom in on the peplum crystals.

5. My grandmother gave me her mother's every day silver plate flatware along with my veil for my wedding gift. She also gave me a gold set that coordinates with my fine china. I want to add to my collection with a sterling set, preferably Grand Baroque Wallace.

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