Friday, December 6, 2013

What to Wear: New Year's Eve Bonfire

Melinda's take on New Year's Eve is quite glamorous. As much as I love sparkly dresses, they are not an accurate representation of a common way to celebrate around here. Bonfires out in the scrub are quite popular for New Year's Eve. That means boots and jeans instead of heels and silk. Yet, you can still be stylish for this rural celebration!

1. English riding boots have been popular for quite some time now, coming and going in the stores. I just couldn't get into the trend, though. It is probably because I my English outfit when I showed horses was exactly what the trend is based on - I just didn't want to wear the same thing that I wore for my extracurricular sport. However, it has been about seven years since I last showed horses so I am finally ready to embrace the trend. Since I still own my real riding boots, I just need to dig them out of storage for a more authentic look than buying a lower quality leather pair in a department store. The boots pictured are pretty similar to mine and are a perfect example of where the riding boot trend originated. Either way, sturdy leather boots are great for keeping your feet dry. Just remember to clean them off before going to bed, or at the very least when you wake up the next morning.

2. Keep your accessories to a minimum. These J. Crew studs are a great option for keeping your evening a bit sparkly since they also won't get hung up on a branch. But don't wear anything sentimental to you. It would be very sad for you if an earring fell out and gets lost in the dark!

3.   This J. Crew plaid shirt is so pretty! I love the green. You can roll the sleeves up when you get close to the bonfire or if the weather decides to be warmer, or keep the sleeves down if you get a bit chilly.

4. Wear a pair of dark blue jeans to keep the look from being choppy between the tall black boots and the dark shirt. Make sure they are comfortable and don't get loose and saggy. You will be wearing them for quite a few hours!

5. Melinda loves the J. Crew puffy vests and says they are super flattering. I personally look stupid in vests because my torso is way too short, but a vest is perfect for this type of event. In Florida, you never know if New Years Eve will be 40 or 75 degrees when the sun sets. You can bring a vest along easier than a full sized jacket, and the vest will be more appropriate for those in between temperatures. The vest will not make you overheat like a jacket will near the bonfire if you don't feel like taking it off. I debated between the navy and the black, but finally went with the navy. I thought the black was a bit too severe.

6. I found a cheaper flannel shirt at H&M. It is 100% cotton and the plaid is still really cute. I like how the red does not dominate the pattern. It also goes with the navy vest.

Stay safe and have fun, y'all!

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